Tyler Lyon

I connected with Coach Aguila to help keep me motivated during the difficult times of the pandemic. I had a number of wide-ranging goals when we started including setting new PBs, adapting to trail running, and make lasting positive changes to my training. In just four months time, he has guided me in tackling each one successfully. His knowledge and experience is second to none and he leads by example in his own training. The amount of confidence he has been able to inspire in myself was like a missing piece of a puzzle of improvement. He doesn't just hand out plans -- Coach Aguila's meticulously tracked, individualized spreadsheets are adaptive to current training needs. It's been an amazing resource to visualize progress. He also genuinely cares about his athletes. I've received calls just to chat and catch up on life, which adds an invaluable positive personal touch. I feel I can be truly candid with him, even if things don't go according to plan. Lastly, Coach Aguila has a strong reputation in the New England and national running scenes. At the elite level, he is a resource for liaising with race directors and racing opportunities when it would otherwise seem impossible to get a foot in the door.

Harrison Holtz

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with Coach Aguila for a number of years. Following a significant injury, Coach Aguila helped me prepare for and successfully complete Navy Search and Rescue Swimmer School. What set him apart was not only understanding my goals, but understanding how running fit into the broader picture. Together, we were able to make a plan that successfully fit within the puzzle of my additional strength and conditioning training. The training individualization and athlete-coach relationship was what truly made the difference for me!

John Busque

Where to even begin? I can’t speak highly enough about Coach Nick Aguila. While an athlete at the University of Hartford I struggled to foster a trusting relationship in the coaching staff (admittedly, I have neurotic training tendencies that make me a difficult athlete to coach). As a result, I chose to self-coach as a post-collegiate runner. Following a moderate level of linear progression from 2015-2018, I reached a plateau. I needed help in order to break through a physical, mental, and emotional rut with my running. The only person I trusted enough to ask for help was Nick Aguila.

Coach Aguila is unique. He connects to athletes on such a personal level and recognizes when to adapt his training to coincide with athlete’s busy work, school, and personal lives. His ability to systematically structure my training while working full-time and preparing for medical school has taken much of the stress out of running. I look forward to updating him each week on my running, life, and everything in between. If you are looking for a holistic approach to bettering yourself as an athlete, please look no further than Coach Aguila!

Katie Foley

The transition from college running to the real world is a difficult one. I wanted to keep running a large part of my life but knew it would be difficult to continue my mid-distance training and competing while trying to work and get into Physician Assistant school. I signed up for a half marathon but had no idea what I was doing training wise. When I moved to West Hartford and joined Hartbeat Running club, Coach Aguila spent many runs talking to me about this transition from mid-d to distance. He created a google sheets that we both shared and made me a training plan around my work schedule. He gradually increased my mileage and gave me advice on which runs should be easy and what an easy pace actually is. He even accompanied me for a few of my track workouts despite how busy he is coaching a tremendous D2 program! He is a dedicated coach and cares about the whole athlete rather than the times they are clicking off for reps around the track. I cannot recommend him enough as a coach, especially if you are trying to transition from college running to post-collegiate running and have no idea what you were doing like me.

Josh Brown

Coach Aguila has had an extremely positive impact on my training since I started working with him back in January 2020. I was finishing up my first year back to training somewhat seriously and was just bouncing around on what I was doing and couldn’t stay in good shape for extended periods of time. That has changed for the better since I started working with Aguila. He is flexible with how much structure you need whether it’s just total mileage and workouts or what you should do each day. He is also great at communicating what he is doing with your plan as well as why he is doing it. The greatest part of working with Coach Aguila is his adaptability. Through my short time working with him so far I have had a few minor injuries that have caused disruptions in my training and Aguila was able to give me effective rehab techniques as well as adapt my training plan to reflect it and to make sure that I was ready to go before getting back to the bulk of the work. He has also been able to adapt to the challenge of training during a pandemic when there are no races happening. He has been able to give me continuous training, while keeping it engaging, as well as making sure that it stimulated growth to continue improving my level of fitness.

Matt Walker

I have had the pleasure of being coached by Nick at both NCAA and post collegiate levels. I had been struggling to get my training on track with little success and lots of injuries after college so I reached out to Nick for guidance. Since then he has developed a comprehensive and adaptable training plan with my specific goals in mind, while guiding me through the science behind it. My training has certainly improved, and I am confident I am on track to set new personal bests. I would highly recommend Nick both as a knowledgeable coach, and as a person who is friendly and easy to work with for runners of all levels.

Nacho Hernando

Since the day I met Coach Aguila I knew we were going to get along well. At the time I was just starting to understand the running world - I knew nothing before. Since we have started working together (6 years and counting) we have been achieving goals we dreamed about, including, most recent, becoming the 2020 snowshoe world champions. What makes Coach Aguila an incredible coach is his way to adapt, guide, motivate, understand, and dedicate his life for his athletes to achieve their goals. Not only has his guidance helped me perform at my finest in my professional running career but also in my positive attitude towards life. To become the best version of yourself you must surround yourself with the best, and Coach Aguila is definitely the one I will keep for the rest of my professional running and biking career. Still many years lay ahead!

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